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Lunchtime reading. I don't understand anything, but it sounds exciting.

Last week I got a Wanbo T2 Max projector, honestly amazed by it. But now I want to get Linux running on it... It works just fine with stock Android 6.0 but I'm crazy that way. I'd hate to bork such a cute little thing in the process :/

Mastodon instance now sharing a raspberry pi 4 with a grafana/influx/mosquito combo. It works fine, but the CPU load is a little bit on the high side.

I've just relesed #InfiniTime 1.3.0 : PineTimeStyle, LittleFS integration, battery info in Gadgetbridge, and many more improvements for your @PINE64 #PineTime!

Release note :

I'm increasingly fascinated by and what they can do. Sunlight powered CO2 removal from the atmosphere, just for starters. I need to learn a lot more...

Inkplate 6 PLUS, the newest recycled ePaper screen programmable in Arduino and MicroPython, combines touchscreen functionality, front-lighting and higher resolution than ever before. Let's take a look!

Original tweet :

Mostly sitting in front of the television calling out the locations of unlabeled random Google photos, and then checking up via Google lens

Cleaning up my bike this weekend, long overdue! Somehow I need to do this better and more often...

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