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We moved our chat room from the IRC network that seems to be set on getting rid of its users to Matrix:
The Matrix room is bridged to #k9mail on; for those of you who still prefer IRC.

See you all there 👋


📟For the #RethinkDisplays Challenge, turning rare #hardware into something new is a valid approach! This entry strings retro #LED displays to make 16x2 modules.

Submit your entry to the #HackadayPrize now→

Sponsored by @digikey and @supplyframe

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The Right to Repair fight is a hell of a proof of this principle. It's really hard to overstate the popularity of the idea that you should be able to fix your own stuff, or choose where you get your stuff fixed.

Take auto-repair. As auto-manufacturing has grown more concentrated, car makers have squeezed independent mechanics - as close to a folk-hero as the American imagination can produce! - to the margins.


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Any discussion of monopolization of the web is bound to include the term "network effects," and its constant companion, "natural monopolies." This econojargon is certainly relevant to the discussion, but really needs the oft-MIA idea of "switching costs."

A technology has "network effects" when its value grows as its users increase, attracting more users, making it more valuable, attracting more users.


Bitcoin is having a sale again! But Ethereum is too, so many options, but which to buy?

#PineTalk Episode 007 is out!

Shaken, not stirred: An interview with @danct12 , creator of a the Arch Linux ARM Spin for #PinePhone and #PineTab, Feedback, two aspects of the latest Community Update, and four listener questions. Listen Now!

Full show notes:

When you realise that TTGO T-Beam GPS+LoRa module you've had on the shelf for the last 6 months is 433Mhz... not 868. 😩

I wonder if the EU could be convinced to fund some mobile GNU development, especially of touchscreen UI for existing apps, so they have a mobile OS option that isn't controlled by a single US corporation (Goggle or Apple)?

Extraordinarily, he's actually selling the Rewinder, for $30. This shouldn't be extraordinary, but it is, thanks to the penalties under DMCA 1201 (and the UK equivalent law, derived from Article 6 of 2001's EU Copyright Directive).


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If you find yourself scrambling for reasons it's OK for Tesla to do this with its cars, but not for KLIM to do it with its airbag vests, allow me to gently remind you that Tesla owners are not an oppressed religious minority, either.

This kind of rent-seeking is just getting started. As I tried to illustrate in my novella UNAUTHORIZED BREAD (part of my 2019 book RADICALIZED), there are limitless ways for Apple's pioneering business innovation to destroy our lives:


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When you render a fresh Linux installation unusable by messing up /etc/fstab ,🤯

Jasbir Matharu's work paves the way to an open source toolchain for Allwinner's V831 NPU accelerator:

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In her new tutorial, @knitronics shows how to get up and running on @TrenzElectronic's TE0711 SoM:

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It's concerning that "de-fi" is being eaten by huge exchanges. Makes me wish for a crypto that was 100% distributed and accessible just like Mastodon, but for money. Mining is now super capital intensive, leading to concentration of power...

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