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If you find yourself scrambling for reasons it's OK for Tesla to do this with its cars, but not for KLIM to do it with its airbag vests, allow me to gently remind you that Tesla owners are not an oppressed religious minority, either.

This kind of rent-seeking is just getting started. As I tried to illustrate in my novella UNAUTHORIZED BREAD (part of my 2019 book RADICALIZED), there are limitless ways for Apple's pioneering business innovation to destroy our lives:


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When you render a fresh Linux installation unusable by messing up /etc/fstab ,🤯

Jasbir Matharu's work paves the way to an open source toolchain for Allwinner's V831 NPU accelerator:

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In her new tutorial, @knitronics shows how to get up and running on @TrenzElectronic's TE0711 SoM:

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It's concerning that "de-fi" is being eaten by huge exchanges. Makes me wish for a crypto that was 100% distributed and accessible just like Mastodon, but for money. Mining is now super capital intensive, leading to concentration of power...

Visualization of climate change, deforestation, urbanization and much more!

Melting glaciers and dwindling forests ... Google's latest feature, #Timelapse, is an eye opening tool, that provides visual clues of how much #Earth has changed due to #climate #change and #human behaviour.

Removing elements such as clouds and shadows, they created a vivid time-lapse from footage taken since 1984.

Great hint from: @DigitalOffgrider

its fucked up nowadays, you cant just make a thing. you have to make a running series of that thing, which goes on forever, and has a patreon, a mailing list, a discord channel, an official wiki, a fan wiki, a prima strategy guide, its own cryptocurrency, flag, national anthem, nuclear deterrent, etc

been working at home in the morning on the Kintex-7 module for MNT Reform. using KiCAD on MNT Reform with GPU acceleration.

trying to configure owncloud over https behind a reverse proxy with nginx. Interesting times...

Winning at SSL certs. Losing at nginx reverse proxy. Combat resumes tomorrow.

"Data isn't the new oil, it's the new oily rag, a low-grade waste-product, only valuable when it is piled up in such vast quantities that it poses and existential, civilization-ending danger."— @pluralistic

5 items on my to do list vanquished so far today. Also solved two shrines in BOTW and captured my 4th Divine Beast.

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