Last week I got a Wanbo T2 Max projector, honestly amazed by it. But now I want to get Linux running on it... It works just fine with stock Android 6.0 but I'm crazy that way. I'd hate to bork such a cute little thing in the process :/

Transcoding some media files on my . It's a great CPU load test. Observations so far: CPU temp is rock solid under 60, have the fan running at about 80/256 in the NAS case and the large aluminium heatsink. Transcode is running at about 12-13 FPS, so about 50% of realtime.

IAQ station in progress! CCS811 and BME680, with a nice nighttime friendly orange backlit LCD. Runs on the same Raspberry as Mastodon.

Archie really enjoyed watching The Expanse this morning. Season 5 is great.

Creepy experience with over Geneva. Everything outside has an orange tinge, but my phone camera is fixing it to look normal. I had to apply a filter to reflect reality.

Dashboard. Nearly there! Also, you can download the data as a CSV by just clicking :)

It took all weekend and it's still not quite finished, but I just built my first Grafana dashboard!

Archie is unimpressed by violence at the US capitol. He's had his dinner, it's time for bed.

Lunchtime power consumption, Amazon Echo Show 8, playing Spotify <7W. Same consumption playing Netflix videos. Drops to 2.4W with the screen off.

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